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    Course & Payment Questions

    If you have paid in full for a course, we can send you a CD of the course modules. There will be a $5 charge for this service. And, please keep in mind that the files that will be sent to you on a CD are identical to those you download in the Student Area. You are welcome to write all of your modules to CD, or to print them out, as you wish.
    After a course is purchased, you will be given access to the student area here at AHA. In that area you will find your downloads of modules and tests (all in pdf format - sometimes several pdfs are in a zip file), many reference articles and charts that complement your chose course, as well as a student forum where you can meet other students and ask questions of your tutor.
    Most every module has a test that goes with it. When you have finished studying a module, complete the corresponding test and then submit it via the support ticket system in your student account. Please put the course name and the module number in the subject line of your ticket. You can type the answers directly into the ticketl, or attach a text, pdf or word document.
    Each time you make a payment, one set of three modules will be added to your student account. If you make 2 or 3 payments at once, that number of module sets will be made available in your student dashboard.

    These are not subscription plans    - there are  no automatic recurring payments  set up when you choose a payment plan option. You simply come back to the site and order another set of modules each time you have completed the previous set(s). You can  take as long as you wish to complete the course   - and   have as much time between the purchase of module sets as you choose.

    There are no service charges and no interest added when you choose to pay as you go.   Our payment plans are simple, affordable and set up to make it easy for our students to enroll and continue their education in holistic healing!

    If you need a different payment plan or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
    These are truly 'at your own pace' home study courses. There is no time limit for completion, and conversely, you can zip through them as quickly as you'd like. We would like to caution you that taking time to truly know the material will only benefit both you and those you perform healing services for.
    Yes, you can. Please    contact us    and we'd be happy to send you a sample module!
    Yes, most definitely. Just let us know when you would like to continue your studies.
    Access to our Student Area is normally granted very quickly. After we have set up your account, you will receive a welcome email letting you know that everything is ready to go and your first modules are ready to be downloaded. This normally happens within an hour of receipt of your payment, and never more than 24 hours.
    It certainly is. Please    contact us    and we'll be happy to switch your enrollment.
    Yes, most definitely! Just let us know when you are ready to begin again.
    Of course! Please    contact us    and we'll set up a discount for you.
    Yes, you can. If you pay 2 payments, you will receive six modules and tests in your student area. If you pay more than 2 payments, you will still only receive a maximum of six modules at one time. When those six module tests have been submitted, you will receive additional modules. We have found that students do much better when they are not overwhelmed with the course material.
    Yes, indeed! You will have a tutor who is available any time to answer questions you may have. We also have a student forum where you can discuss your course with other students, or ask your tutor a question.

    Advanced ReflexAromatherapist Home Study Course:

    Advanced Reflexologist Home Study Course:

    Advanced Aromatherapist Home Study Course:

    Advanced Color/Crystal Reflexologist Home Study Course:

    Most schools will offer an exam that tests the student’s knowledge of the material taught in the respective course. Upon successful completion of this exam, a Certificate or Diploma will be issued by the school attesting that the student has successfully met the requirements as specified by that school.

    The only governmental recognition of Aromatherapy in North America is the occupational title designation granted to the BCAOA under the Societies Act of British Columbia. You can read more about this HERE.

    Most prospective students want to know whether taking our courses will lead to their becoming ‘Certified’ in that healing modality, thereby leading to the title of Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist or Certified Color/Crystal Therapist.

    The answer to this really depends on what you mean by ‘Certified.” We believe it can be misleading to purport that completing a course in a healing modality such as reflexology, aromatherapy or color/crystal therapy will lead to a designation of ‘Certified’ Therapist.

    These are not official title designations nor are they ones which are recognized by any country’s governmental body. All that these titles mean is that this is what an Individual Instructor, School or Institution decided to put on the Diploma it awards those who successfully complete their course.

    You can read more about this HERE.

    The answer to this will depend on who you are asking. At the present time, British Columbia is the only government to recognize Aromatherapy as a distinct profession and has granted Occupational Title Protection to the members of the BCAOA (British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy) with the exclusive right for its members to call themselves Registered Aromatherapists (R.A.).

    At this time, neither Reflexology nor Color/Crystal Therapy have such occupational designations in any country although one prominent Reflexology school in Colorado, The Modern Institute of Reflexology, has gained occupational designation for their institution in that state. MIR has been designated by the Colorado State Division of Private Occupational Schools – Dept. of Higher Education as an approved school. Our Reflexologist who developed the reflexology modules for our courses was trained at MIR as a Certified Reflexologist, a Master Reflexologist and a Dr. of Reflexology.

    The Alternative Healing Academy’s   Advanced Reflexologist and   Advanced ReflexAromatherapist   courses provide the education and prerequisites necessary to apply for membership in the   National Therapies Certification Board   and in   as a professional member.

     In the United States, the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) has put into place their Approved Standards for Aromatherapy Training. The Alternative Healing Academy’s     Advanced Reflexologist     and   Advanced ReflexAromatherapist     courses meet and exceed these standards and we are in the application process of becoming approved through    NAHA.

    Also,    Advanced Aromatherapy   and the    Advanced ReflexAromatherapist     courses provide the education and prerequisites necessary to sit for the     Aromatherapy Registration Council    examination.

    In Canada, there are a number of different Associations including the BCAPA (British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists and the CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists). Time will tell if one authoritative body or association becomes the standard by which to judge and govern the educational offerings of these alternative healing modalities.

    It has to be noted that NO form of aromatherapy “certification” is currently recognized in the USA by anyone other than those in the trade, nor is aromatherapy (or essential oils in the aromatherapy trade) regulated by any governmental body.

    In the private students only area of AHA you will find:

    • Your course module downloads
    • Charts and graphs which correspond to your area of study
    • A student forum where you can ask your tutor questions as well as get to know other AHA students
    • A support ticket system where you can contact your tutor, ask questions and submit tests.
    You can read our Sales & Return Policy HERE
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