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    Meet Your AHA Tutors

    AHA is not accepting any new students at this time. Current students may continue their coursework by using the links on the payment plans page.

    The Alternative Healing Academy is very blessed to have some of the most knowledgeable and caring natural health professionals as tutors for our enrolled students.

    Dee Braun with her youngest son, Christian

    Dr. Dee Braun - Founder - Tutors all courses

    The founder of Alternative Healing Academy is Dr. Dee Braun. Dee is a single mother of six children who is a Dr. of Reflexology and has advanced certifications in aromatherapy, color and crystal therapy, Reiki, sound therapy, and flower remedies; as well as basic certifications in herbal medicine and homeopathy.

    She has used natural healing therapies both in her work and for her friends and family for nearly 20 years and in 2008 recognized the need for a 'student-friendly' place of learning.

    In addition to her own therapy practice, she has worked professionally in the internet marketing field of herbal and homeopathic remedies for the last eight years. You can read more about how the AHA came into being HERE.

    She is pictured here with her youngest son.

    Tara CyrTara Cyr - Energy Medicine, Reiki, Animal Energy Medicine and Color/Crystal Therapy Tutor

    Tara is our favorite Canadian girl. She is a wife and mother of four, living in Britch Columbia's Interior region enjoying an organic relationship with the surrounding land.

    Her understanding of the connectivity of all living things and the importance of holistic wellbeing has inspired Tara to study and practice energy healing for the last 20 years.

    Her studies have included extensive research in Chakras and Chakra Therapy, crystals and Reiki as healing modalities for both people and animals.

    Her years of study have lead Tara to achieve a thorough knowledge in the practical application of these natural therapies. Tara is also now in the process of learning Advanced Reflexology and co-authoring AHA's next course entitled Energy Medicine Therapy.

    Tim Allen

    Tim Allen - Reflexology, Color/Crystal Therapy, Online Business Development, Spiritual/Meditative Healing Tutor

    Tim hails originally from Columbus, Ohio, and has been interested in natural health and healing for more than half his life. He has several years of experience in spiritual/meditative healing and Color, Crystal Reflexology.

    He has also worked in the Internet Marketing field for more than 10 years, specializing in herbal, homeopathic and spiritual/energy natural remedies.Tim, formally educated at Devry Business School, is also our resident expert in online business development.

    His decade of experience in internet marketing also offers our students interested in building their own therapy website after graduation a terrific resource.

    Jessica Miller

    Jessica Miller - Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional Well-Being Tutor

    Jessica, who is a full-time third-year university student majoring in Psychiatric Nursing and Psychology, lives in Wyoming and spends her free time rescuing hurt and abandoned animals and being the 'go to' lady for friends and family who need advice, emotional healing and support.

    She has a thorough knowledge and education in human anatomy and physiology, biology, nutrition, and medical terminology, as well as practical experience working in a therapeutic medical environment.

    She is also a Certified Nurses Aide and has done extensive work with the elderly as she works her way through her college education.

    Thelia Foster - Color/Crystal Therapy, Energy Medicine Tutor

    Born in Montreal, Thelia is an artist, Jeweler, Color & Crystal Therapy practitioner and the owner of Ti’s Art & Soul Studio, where she uses her knowledge of various art forms to provide creative healing sessions.

    Now living in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Thelia has developed a keen appreciation and connection with the natural world.Thelia incorporated her knowledge as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner and the healing properties of crystals and gemstones to create her own unique line on therapeutic jewelry and accessories. Thelia also teaches a Crystal Pendulum class as well as How to use Crystals for a Healing Environment.

    She is currently completing a certification in ReflexAromatherapy. Thelia is also a skilled artist and jeweler who teaches art to disabled adults in addition to creating holistic jewelry in her studio.
    The Alternative Healing Academy | PO Box 1336 | Torrington WY | 82240 | 307-401-0306