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    Affordable, Pay-As-You-Go Plans

    AHA is not accepting any new students at this time. Current students may continue their coursework by using the payment plan links below.

    We at AHA understand how difficult finances can hinder your ability to get the holistic health education you want and we strive to help in any way we can. Our payment plans make our courses very affordable and able to fit into almost any budget. No credit approval necessary!

    How the payment plans work

    Each time you make a payment, one set of three modules will be added to your student account. If you make 2 or 3 payments at once, that number of module sets will be made available in your student dashboard.

    These are not subscription plans - there are no automatic recurring payments set up when you choose a payment plan option. You simply come back to the site and order another set of modules each time you have completed the previous set(s). You can take as long as you wish to complete the course - and have as much time between the purchase of module sets as you choose.

    There are no service charges and no interest added when you choose to pay as you go. Our payment plans are simple, affordable and set up to make it easy for our students to enroll and continue their education in holistic healing!

    If you need a different payment plan or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Enroll in a course using a convenient payment plan:

    • Basic Color/Crystal Therapist – 9 payments of $65.45 each – Enroll HERE.

    • Advanced Color/Crystal Reflexology – 17 payments of $81.12 each – Enroll HERE.

    • Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner– 12 payments of $79.92 each – Enroll HERE.

    • Advanced Holistic Beauty Therapist – 14 payments of $68.00 each – Enroll HERE.

    • Advanced Reflexology Practitioner– 12 payments of $79.92 each – Enroll HERE.

    • Advanced ReflexAromatherapist – 18 payments of $88.28 each – Enroll HERE.

    Additional Information:

    • Upon successful completion of any course (with a score of 80% or higher), you will receive a beautiful Diploma, suitable for framing.
    • A tutor will be available via email to answer any questions you may have.
    • The modules will be added to your student account three at a time. Each time you complete the tests for the current three modules and pay another payment, a new set of three modules will be emailed to you.
    • All tests for the course can be taken from within your student account.
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